Where is Baby?

Oxford University Press | Age 4 - 6 | Children Only

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Cognition

  • Language

  • Approaches

"Are you ready to look for baby? Let’s go!"

  • "Where is Baby?" takes kiddo around the house and start spying

    • Playing the seek-and-find game to discover different items in the household
    • Practicing ear-eye coordination
      • Listening to alphabet clues
      • Navigating the room to identify the items
    • Expanding household vocabulary
      • Learning words like: towel, jam, cabinet, door, fruit bowl, pot, stove, photo, rug, ball, bear, coat, hat, mittens, plant, car, cat, pillow, scarf, boat, truck, airplane
  • "Where is Baby?" rewards kiddo with coloring fun

    • Using fingers to color in each spied item
    • Reinforcing recognition of the items throughout the activity
    • Exercising eye-hand coordination to color between the "boundaries"
    • Developing sense of achievement with kiddo’s "art works" displayed in the "gallery"
  • "Where is Baby?" facilitates:

    • Language & Literacy
      • Demonstrating interest in the story "Where is Baby?"
      • Recognizing different alphabets
      • Increasing awareness of the letter sounds
    • Physical Development & Health
      • Strengthening fine motor skill
    • Approaches to Learning
      • Displaying curiosity for new information
      • Creating artistic work

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