That's My Job!

Paws, Inc | Age 3 - 5 | Children Only

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Language

  • Cognition

  • Approaches

Have a BLAST with Garfield acting out different occupations!

  • That's My Job! allows your child to explore interesting careers through creative role-play.

    • Practice decision making by choosing the careers, tools and locations to join in the fun.
    • Try out distinct costumes and objects used by each profession.
  • That's My Job! expands your child's understanding of occupations.

    • Learn the tasks of athletes, musicians, detectives and firefighters.
    • Find out the essential tools used by each profession: Magnifying Glass, Glasses & Moustache Disguise, Weights, Yoga Mat, Basketball, Saxophone, Violin, Triangle, Ladder, Fire Extinguisher and 'Do Not Cross' Tape.
    • Explore various settings to perform each task.
  • That's My Job! facilitates:

    • Approaches to Learning:
      • By dramatize the roles.
    • Cognition & General Knowledge:
      • By engaging in decision making as your child plays the games.
      • By using and identifying places in maps.

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