My Dog

Oxford University Press | Age 3 - 5 | With Parents

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Cognition

  • Language

  • Approaches

  • “My Dog” brings the fun of reading to live:

    • Learn to recognize facial expressions like happy, sad, excited and more!
    • Read the story to different people
  • “My Dog” gives your child the responsibilities to care for puppies:

    • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
    • Learn new puppy care vocabulary:
      • Bone, dish, collar, leash, bed
    • Invite friends in the story:
      • Find new puppy owners
      • Take and collect photos of the new owners
      • Tell the story of how they adopt a new dog
  • My Dog facilitates:

    • Social & Emotional Development
      • Initiating conversations.
      • Developing friendship with peers.
      • Recognizing new emotions
    • Language & Literacy
      • Being the storyteller of “My Dog”
      • Acting out a volunteer role.
    • Cognition & General Knowledge
      • Being a puppy caretaker
      • Connecting between pets and people
    • Approaches to Learning
    • Exercising cooperation

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