My Dad

Oxford University Press | Age 3 - 5 | With Parents

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Cognition

  • Language

  • Approaches

Every child at one point wants to be a brave firefighter. Here's the opportunity!

  • Your child zeros in on a firefighter's daily routine:

    • Reading and learning at their own pace about a firefighter's job.
    • Telling the story to others.
    • Recruiting friends and family to join the crew.
    • Featuring friends and family as firefighters through interactive photo shooting.
  • My Dad facilitates:

    • Social & Emotional Development:
      • Initiating conversations.
      • Developing friendship with peers.
    • Approaches to learning:
      • Exercising cooperation.
    • Language Development:
      • Being a storyteller.
      • Acting out a firefighting role.

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