Ling Liang Kindergarten | Age 3 - 5 | Children Only

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Cognition

  • Approaches

  • Language

What happens when Nanny sees a mouse? She SCREAMS!

Let kiddo show off their word and spelling skills as they sing the Mouse story to their audience!

  • "Mouse" makes reading and spelling fun with rhyming words:

    • Your child listens, watches and sings along with the animation of the song.
    • Your child learns vocabularies from the "ear" word family while singing.
      • Ear, Rear, Dear, Near, Fear, Spear, Hear, Tear.
    • Your child recognizes the "ear"-ending words have the same combination of letters and similar sound.
    • Your child is able to predict and decode the different "ear"-ending words as they sing.
  • "Mouse" reinforces your child's phonemic awareness through the 2-level game play

    • Your child will be able to recognize and differentiate the first sound they hear in the "ear" word group.
      • Ex: "r" in rear, "n" in near, " f " in fear etc.
    • Your child will be able to turn a word (such as "fear") into another (such as "tear") by substituting one letter for another.
    • Your child acquires the meaning of the "ear" word group in the song through completing the games.
  • "Mouse" facilitates:

    • Language & Literacy
      • Being a storyteller through singing
      • Demonstrating sensitivity to the sound structure of words
      • Understanding the manipulation of sound units
    • Approaches to Learning
      • Participating in music activity through listening, singing and performing

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