Hello Grandma

Joy Sprouts | Age 3 - 5 | Children Only

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Language

  • Approaches

  • Cognition

"Hello Grandma" takes your kid on a family trip

  • Exploring 4 different types of transportation on the way to visit grandma
  • Learning about train, bus, plane and taxi
  • Completing silhouette matching and object recognition on each page
  • Engaging in interactive activities to learn as many as 50 vocabularies
  • Enjoying the sounds and actions as kiddo taps on the different characters/objects of the story
  • Rewarding your kid with stickers to decorate their family trip album
  • “Hello Grandma” facilitates:

    • Language & Literacy
      • Reading a story through different sets of activities
      • Acquiring 8 categories of words: Transportation, Family, Animal/Insect, Plant, Object, Occupation, Sky and Food.
    • Social Studies Knowledge & Skills
      • Imagining taking a trip with the family to visit Grandma
      • Pretending to be the one who gets to ride in different transportations

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