Going Up And Down

Oxford University Press | Age 4 - 6 | Children Only

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Cognition

  • Language

  • Approaches

"Assembling a playground? That must be fun! Can I start now?"

  • "Going Up and Down" brings kiddo to a playground assembling adventure

    • "Constructing" the playground puzzle game with 3 difficulty levels
    • Dragging and matching the puzzle pieces with the right structure
    • Practicing eye-hand coordination
    • Listening how the character moves around in the story
    • Learning position-and-direction words
      • Up, down, over, under, in, out, back, forth, round
    • Fighting away the dragon with water balloons
  • "Going Up And Down" facilitates:

    • Cognitive & General Knowledge
      • Solving different sets of puzzles
    • Mathematics Knowledge & Skills
      • Combining different shapes to construct a playground
    • Physical Development & Health
      • Manipulating figures to match puzzle pieces
    • Language & Literacy
      • Reading through the story "Going Up and Down"
      • Getting familiarized with position-and-direction words

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