BBC Bugs

BBC Worldwide Learning | Age 4 - 6 | Children Only

This Sprout develops

  • Physical

  • Language

  • Approaches

  • Cognition

"Ready, set, collect!"
"Let the first BUG EXPERIENCE of your junior entomologist begin!"

  • “BBC Bugs” takes your child to a fascinating insect collecting activity:

    • Learning the names and appearances of 10 different insects
      • Earthworm, aphid, bee, wasp, spider, grasshopper, woodlice, butterfly, caterpillar, ant
    • Catching ONE type of bugs at a time
      • Reinforcing the recognition of each insect
    • Collecting and placing bugs in kiddo’s terrarium
      • Giving your child the sense of achievement
      • Encouraging your child to treasure their insect friends
    • Taking the challenge with “Catch All You Can”
      • Trying to catch as many bugs with given time limit and instruction
    • Watching a BBC video clip of each insect
      • Nurturing your child’s interest in their little “friends”
  • “BBC Bugs” facilitates:

    • Science Knowledge & Skills
      • Learning and recognizing 10 different kinds of insects

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